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My accounting comes from the heart and it goes way back. My parents were entrepreneurs, immersing me in the business field from an early age. Their greatest happiness I saw was turning their dream into reality, and they did not fear failure. I was inspired and grew up enjoying every aspect of business. I want to be that support for other dreamers again, but this time as an Accountant.

I graduated magna cum laude from Lakeland University with a bachelor's degree in Accounting. My career started in 2016 as a Tax Preparer. I’ve gained extensive experience from corporates to small businesses. The prominent firm I have worked for was the top 500 accounting firm. During my employment there, I was a payroll specialist who also provided bookkeeping services for small businesses in the local area. I later moved to Milwaukee, WI, and worked for a family-owned business. I was a Property Accountant and an outsourced Accounting Manager for a nonprofit organization in Florida.

After that position, I have realized that small businesses are where my heart is - so I started this business to help those that needed more hand holding the most. My honesty, integrity, and professionalism are qualities many people appreciate. There wouldn't be anything that I would not do or not try to solve for my clients. My services are offered locally and virtually to open up opportunities nationwide to help small businesses lower their overhead costs with an outsourced Accountant. 

Resume & Work Performance Evaluation available upon request.

Email: admin@athaovirtualaccountingllc.com